Upcoming Special Sessions

Boston, Massachusetts (June 2017)

Sound propagation and scattering in 3D underwater environments
Organized by: Ying-Tsong Lin and Frederic Sturm

Unmanned vehicles and acoustics
Organized by: Erin Fischell and Peter Nielsen
Joint with AO

Infrasound in the ocean and atmosphere
Organized by: Oleg Godin and Philippe Blanc-Benon
Joint with PA

Passive sensing, monitoring, and imaging in wave physics
Organized by: Karim Sabra and Philippe Roux
Joint with AO, SP, SA, PA

Underwater noise from offshore renewable energy
Organized by: Jim Miller and Paul Lepper
Joint with AO

A century of sonar
Organized by: Kevin Heaney and Michael Ainslie
Joint with EA, AO