Upcoming Special Sessions

San Diego, California (December 2019)

CNTBT IMS: A global sensor network with scientific and civil applications in hydroacoustics (UW, AO, SP)
Organized by: Nielsen/Bradley/Zampolli/Haralabus

Marine Seismioacoustics
Joint with AO

Transportation Noise from its Consequences to the Solution Set (NS, AB)

Aqueous Acoustic Metamaterials (PA, EA, SA)

Ship source level estimation: Methods and measurements (UW, AB)
Organized by: Tollefsen/Knobles/Hannay.
Special Session in Honor of Michael Buckingham 
Joint with AO

Parabolic Equation Methods Across Acoustics (CA, PA, AO, SP, SA)

Memorial Session in Honor of Ed Sullivan (SP)

Signal Processing for Biological Transients (SP, AB, UA, AO, SC)

*For past special sessions, please refer to the TC Annual Reports